Saturday February 27' 2016 at IBA Main Campus

The Executive MBA Participants designed and arranged a wonderful evening to express their love and affection to Dr. Ishrat Husain. It was a unique display of creativity, quality and commitment. The guests, faculty and program participants pleasantly surprised of the excellent display of potential of MBA (Executive) participants. They thoroughly enjoyed every segment and were highly appreciative of the effort.

Dr. Huma Baqai ably conducted the event and maintained the audience interest throughout the event. Former Governor State Bank Mr. Salim Raza and Chairperson Sindh Investment Board Ms. Naheed Memon eloquently spoke about IBA Dean. Mr. Farhan Haroon, Director Finance, GSK and Ishrat Husain, Joint Director State Bank represented the MBA (Executive) alumnus. Ms. Hira Naeem, Muhammad Raza and Ahsan Sami presented poetic tribute. Dr. Shakil Faruqi, former World Bank, State Bank and Ms. Ayesha Aziz, MD Pak Brunei participated through audio messages.

MBA (Executive) participant, through five distinctive segments covered the life of versatile personality of Dr. Ishrat. They selected most of the significant bits and pieces to complete his portrayal. :
1. Legends modest beginning - A video by Shumyla Jawed and Danish Aftab
2. Flying High - A video by Sana Masnoon
3. Publications, awards - Presentation by Summayah Waheed
4. Vision to Reality - Video by Murtaza Shahbazker
5. A different shade of Dr. Ishrat - by Syed Ibrahim

The climax of the event, was when Dr. Ishrat took the stage. All present at the auditorium offered a rising welcome to him and the auditorium echoed with thunderous clapping for few minutes. The MBA (Executive) participants rushed to the stage to meet him, present flowers/souvenirs and be part of the group photo. This process took long as everyone wanted to capture the historical moment.

Program Director Mr. Muhammad Saleem Umer expressed his gratitude for the excellent contribution made by MBA (Executive) participants, guests, faculty members, Dr. Huma, Zahra Sohail and all CRs.. (Executive)-IBA-708670925859000/