May 2, 2015 - Mr. Hussain Haider 'Leading an Organization Through innovation: A Case study of Akhuwat'

A Session was arranged on Saturday ,May 2nd , 2015 in the Entrepreneurial Management MBA (Executive) class of Dr. Shahid Qureshi

Syed Hussain Haider, Director, Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management (AISEM) and Project Director of Akhuwat University visited IBA Center for Entrepreneurial Development to conduct session on "Leading an Organization Through innovation: A Casestudy of Akhuwat". He interacted with students of MBA (Executive) , Certificate in Entrepreneurship and various students from other universities.

Syed Hussain Haider shared and discussed all the innovative projects and programs of Akhuwat with the participants.

With that he mentioned that one cannot kindle the urge to learn something unless you realize you know nothing. That is the sole reason he praised Dr. Amjad Saqib as his mentor, the Founder of Akhuwat Foundation, while repeatedly putting light upon how Dr. Amjad chose modesty and simplicity as his approach in leading and inspiring his staff in order to set the clear idea of the mission Akhuwat Foundation struggles to serve.

The very purpose of Akhuwat Foundation's existence is not just to provide finance but to make lives better. Its vision is to eradicate all poverty from the society, however, Syed Hussain Haider further explained that poverty should not be associated with its economic sense but with anything a person or family feels to lack, which can also hold an emotional value. This emotional bond it forms with its borrowers is the very reason why they are able to pay up their debts in the ratio of 99.87% as compared to the situation faced by the micro-financing banks whose 30% debts are never paid up.

The official mission statement of Akhuwat Foundation presented by Syed Hussain Haider is:

"To alleviate poverty by empowering socially and economically marginalized segments of the society in the process of harnessing their entrepreneurial potential by enhancing their capacity through economic and social guidance."

The details of all projects and programs are as follows:
1. Akhuwat Microfinance - Qard-e-Hasan
2. Akhuwat Health Services
3. Akhuwat Education and Assistance Program
4. Akhuwat Volunteers
5. Akhuwat Khuwajasira Support Program
6. Akhuwat Clothes Bank
7. Akhuwat Dreams
8. Akhuwat Institute of Social Enterprise and Management
9. Akhuwat Internship and Fellowship Program
10. Akhuwat Incubation Center
11. Akhuwat University/ Akhuwat College

All the participants took immense interest in all projects and expressed their willingness to contribute their part in the social sector through Akhuwat . The session was followed by an intensive questions and answers session.