Networking Lunch

We are pleased to share the pictures of 2nd phase of networking lunch of MBA (Executive) participants held on May 31 2015 at Alumni Students' Centre. The event was facilitated by Mr Yaseen Ahmed Meenai. He engagged the participants in a very interesting activity. We are thankful to Mr. Meenai and our CRs, Mr. Owais Muhammad, MBA (Executive) - 4 (Sec. II), Mr. Raakib Qureshi, MBA (Executive) 5 (Sec. II), Mr. Farhan Akram MBA (Executive) - 5 (Sec - I) and Mr. Ahad Hussain MBA (Executive) - 3, who organized the event. Special thanks to Raakib for making beautiful pictures of the event. (Executive)-IBA/708670925859000?ref=settings